…I had a colonoscopy in your clinic. The calming and thoughtful service of your capable staff made it an experience that was not at all unpleasant; the stress on the patient of a hospital operating room was removed. I was apprehensive; my nervousness was quickly dissipated by the professional attitude of the on-site team. Congratulations on the service that your clinic gives and to the team that carries out this service. This is an excellent example of a clinic handling standard procedures, thus freeing up hospital operating rooms for other more serious activities

David Dunlop,

Thanks for making what is normally not a very pleasant experience actually quite comfortable. Everyone is so caring, kind and helpful. It helped a lot with the anxiety. The cookies were good! The laughs with the nurses and receptionist were just what the doctor ordered.


This Clinic is a great innovation. I expected long delays when I started….the speed and efficiency was away above my expectations. The doctors and support staff are terrific.

A & C T,

Thank you all for your kind and considerate treatment. This is much, much better than the hospital…